United Global Ventures

We Build High Growth Ventures And Global Impact Initiatives


About United+

United+ is an international venture network of change leaders, impact entrepreneurs, investors and startup studios that are uniting as a collective in order to scale faster and solve global sustainability challenges in frontier markets. We are Venture Builders who create and scale impact-focused companies and initiatives by leveraging a proprietary venture studio model. Our mission is to enable better resource mobility and connectivity for society by creating a global platform that facilitates the sharing of social, intellectual, financial and experiential capital through network economics.

A Collective of Successful Ventures

We are a global network of affiliated ventures and entrepreneurs that are powered by a shared set of values, capital, technology, market expertise and boldness.

A Platform of Platforms

 We operate as a scalable ecosystem that leverages multiple proprietary platforms and strategic partnerships to power deal flow, access to opportunities, capital and business development. 

A Sharing Ecosystem

We use the sharing principles of network economics and platform scale to transform the TMT sectors (Technology, Media and Telecom) with a strong focus on mobile financial technology.

A Framework for Venture Builders

We created a unique framework for venture builders, VCs, studios and startup foundries. Our model is currently in use in more than ten markets and we are constantly enhancing it.


What We Do

We build, fund and scale high growth companies and high impact initiatives at a global scale by leveraging four types of capital: Network Capital, Intellectual Capital, Financial Capital and Experiential Capital. United+ is an organization that acts as a bridge between the US and frontier markets, thus allowing its affiliated companies and leaders to benefit from shared resources such IP, technology solutions, scaling capital and operational support.

Thought Leadership

We help create a global knowledge economy by producing a series of think tank and thought leadership initiatives in partnership with global leaders, entrepreneurs and futurists.

Impact Investment

We support the creation of global investment funds by nurturing an ecosystem of venture capitalists, angel investors, funds and leaders that are bullish on emerging market opportunities. 


We power a platform of technologies that drive impact in multiple sectors such as Fintech & Mobile Financial Services, Telecom, eSports, Health-Tech, Ed-Tech and Data Science (AI & Big Data). 

Media & Culture

We sponsor and launch media initiatives that center around esports, digital media, art, entertainment, minority-led cultural activities, education and pop culture. 

Network Capital

Network Capital, or Network Economics, refers to business economics that benefit from the network effect. We build an ecosystem of relationships that generate exponential value for all stakeholders.  


We facilitate business introductions, platform sharing, networking and access to opportunities from our partners within our global network and beyond.


Team Highlights

Meet our team of Partners and Advisors.